The spread or promotion of education or learning in all its branches in such manner as the TRUSTEES may think fit including:

(I) Establishment and/or acquisition and maintenance or support of schools, colleges, vidyapiths, balmandirs study centers, universities and professional training colleges and center and other technical and non technical colleges and institutes.

(II) Establishment and support of professorships, fellowships, Lectureships, scholarships and prizes at schools, colleges of other Educations, Institutions.

(III) Establishment and maintenance of Hostels and/or Boarding Houses and grant of free boarding and lodging to poor and deserving students upon such terms and for such period in each case as the trustees may think fit.

(IV) Establishment and maintenance of any support of Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Yoga, Health Centres and similar institutions for the education of the same.

(V) Grant of Endowments at universities, Rsearch Institutions and other Education and Scientific Institutions for spread of Education and knowledge in all or any branches.

(VI) Establishments and maintenance of sports centers and providing education and training in sports of all types.

(VII) Establishment, maintenance and support of libraries and reading rooms for advancement of education and knowledge in general.

(VIII) To setup Educational Institution, informal education and other professional educational colleges.